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Tips on how to best make online counselling work for you

Updated: Apr 5

Services these days has been offering online sessions/ consultations to clients to ensure that we are all protected from the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Mental health services same as other essential services needs to be accessible especially that people are increasingly anxious and stressed of what is happening around our community, country and the world.

We are blessed to be in the genre that allows access to virtual counselling sessions.

So, to maximise what you can get from your online counselling we came up with 8 Tips on how to best make online counselling work for you.

1. Find a quiet and private part of your home. Nothing should disturb and no one should

overhear your session.

2. Make sure you have a comfortable seat and the right height table.

3. Avoid distraction and interruption. Have someone look after your kids or pets, your

phone should be turned off or in silent mode, close other internet programs and alerts.

4. Be seen and be heard. Make sure you have good lighting and a good working

speaker or headphone.

5. Be open to the process and communicate your thoughts.

6. Have a backup plan with your therapist in case of connection or technical glitches.

7. Share any concerns about your therapy with your therapist, including the medium

you use.

8. Take a break and appreciate silence. Similar to face to face sessions, take time to

process the session to sort and validate your thoughts and emotions before you go

back to your day.

Remember, your therapist is there to ensure you are fully supported in these challenging times. Just simply trust the process and it will work for you. Stay safe everyone. :)

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