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Group Therapy Workshops

Kairos Women Workshops

Kairos Women workshops are designed to help women overcome life adversities, learn about themselves and find their purpose in life. 

These structured workshops are facilitated by experienced & qualified Psychotherapist & Registered Counsellor Manna Maniago & team.  


Limited spots available. Call us to know more about our early bird discount.**

*We also accept credit card, EFTPOS, Medibank Private health fund , NDIS Funding and Afterpay. 

**Early bird price is $249. Available til 10th October 2020.

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Groups starting 21st October 2020.

Have you at some point in your life felt you are not good enough? 4 in 5 women has low self esteem. This 6 week program is designed to help you overcome unhelpful thinking patterns and start believing in yourself. 



Groups starting 22nd October 2020.

6 week program designed for women and is aimed at building knowledge about physical effect of anxiety, increase skills to implement strategies to manage anxiety and enhance capacity for self care. 



Groups starting 23rd October 2020.

Past trauma, pain and experience can sometimes be debilitating and prevents you to move forward in your life. Learn ways and strategies to help you go through the process of healing & acceptance. 


Bye Self Doubt,

Hello self confidence!


Anxiety and start living your best life.

Healing from 

past pain and moving forward in your life.

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