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Supporting your workforce.

Increase in absenteeism and punctuality issues and decreased reliability and output are some of the signs of unhappy employees. Many organisations may have seemingly fool-proof business models, the most qualified employees or the highest salary grades, but it can all boil down to the psychological wellbeing of employees being either the boon or bane of an organisation. 


Workplace counselling assesses and helps resolve common personal and work-related issues of employees before they adversely impact their health, general wellbeing and eventually, their work performance.   

How can we help? 

Our team of qualified counsellors uses positive psychology and evidence based methods that are personalised and tailor-suit to your company, with flexible access through traditional face-to-face sessions, tele-health support and workshops.  We are not your usual corporate Employee assistance company. We work as your partner in making your employees feel supported to help move your organisation forward.

Let us help you look after your employees. 

workplace counselling

Flexible Counselling options available. We have a Customized App that offers video and text consultations.

E Disc

Understanding your employees' DISC profile allows you to truly understand how or why they think the way they do. It allows you to understand how they make decisions.

 EDISC gives us a deep understanding of how the person behaves, both naturally and in an elevated or unusual situation.

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Our Team has a combination 30 + years in the corporate environment and we understand the need of our employees to be upskilled and supported in their professional development. We can do a training needs analysis with you to identify the skill need and we can develop a plan for you. 


Our very own App is equipped with 46 health trackers to assist our clients with monitoring their own health and well being. It can also help with creating plan to help in achieving health & well being  goals. Available to download in  IOS and Android. 

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