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  • What is Group Therapy?
    Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy where allows people to receive the support and encouragement of the other members of the group. People participating in the group can see that others are going through the same thing, which can help them feel less alone. Facilitators usually follow a structured program and allows members to participate in a safe and secure environment.
  • I've never attended group therapy before, what can I expect?"
    A welcoming, safe and confidential enviroment to share your own story. All participants will recieve a workbook, an invitation to our private Facebook group and access to Facebook Live Q&A's.
  • What do I talk about in the group?
    Good place to start is by Letting the group members know why you initially came to therapy and sharing what you hope to get from the group. It is important to tell the group your expectations and how you want to be supported. The first few sessions of a group usually focus on the establishment of trust. During this time, members work to establish a level of safety that allows them to talk personally and honestly with one another. Also sharing your feelings is very important as well. Letting your pent up emotions out can help you feel better.
  • How would it benefit me?
    Group therapy sessions have five (5) benefits: 1. It helps you realise you are not alone. Sometimes shared experience helps normalise the challenge you maybe facing and and instills hope that change can happen. 2. It facilitates giving and receiving support. Members feel that connection with each other having to share similar challenges. It encourages everyone to share experiences which in turn become an avenue of sharing and giving. 3. It helps you find your "voice". Becoming aware of your feelings, needs and expressing them in a supportive environment enable you to verbalise your thoughts which helps you unload those unexpressed feelings. 4. It helps you relate to others and yourself in healthier ways. 5. It helps provide safety net.
  • What if i'm too uncomfortable to discuss my problems?
    When you meet people for the first time, it is hard to know what to say and how much to trust them. Trusting is a process that develops as group members take risks and increasingly share more of themselves. It helps to remember that groups are usually small and that other group members are usually struggling with similar concerns. Letting the group know that you are uncomfortable can be a first step, and often promotes a useful group discussion about the issue of trust among members.
  • I'm not sure which group therapy is right for me, how do I choose?"
    If you are unsure of the right fit for you, we are here to help, please contact us at
  • What are the expectations as a group member?
    All group members are expected to respect the confidentiality of the group. Group members are asked to make a commitment to protect each other’s confidentiality by agreeing not to divulge information that would violate the identity of others outside the group. Whilst we can guarantee what others say, we find that members are often respectful of each others' privacy. Remember, we are here to support and learn from each other.
  • Is what I say kept confidential?
    We strictly value confidentiality. We offer safe and secure place for you to open up and provide you with the support you need. One of our group rules is to ensure that all group memebrs adhere to the confidentiality and respect everyone's privacy. As per our facilitators, we strictly adhere to client-counsellor confidentiality. The only time we might have to disclose information is when you tell us you are intending to self harm or others and if our notes get subpoened. We have a duty of care to ensure you are safe.
  • How many people can attend each session?
    Due to COVID-19 restricitions, we have a capacity of 4 participants per group.
  • Is there parking or access to public transport near by?
    The Caringbah Train Station is a short 7 minute walk from our offices. For the best parking and Train Station location, please see the map below.
  • What support, if any, do you offer between sessions?"
    We are always happy to help, we offer a private Facebook group and Facebook Live Q&A's for participants. Alternatively we can be contacted at or by phone 1300 351 610.
  • How can I contact my Facilitator?
    We can be contacted either by email: or by phone: 1300 351 610.
  • How often are sessions held?
    Sessions are held once a week for a period of 6 weeks. The duration of each session is 90 minutes.
  • What happens if I miss a session?
    We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you might miss a session. Dont worry, we can provide you with worksheets and materials so you can keep up with the group. We also have a private facebook group and our facilitators would be more than happy to keep you up to date. You can also ask questions during our live Q&A's every week.
  • I can't make these session dates or times, how do I register my interest for the next one?"
    You can register your interest in future sessions through our Group Therapy Registration Form. Please click here to access the Registration forms.
  • I'm not sure about group therapy, do you offer one-on-one counselling?"
    Yes, we offer Individuals Counselling Sessions. For more information please contact us at, alternatively to make a booking please click here.
  • I am interested in more information about your services, where can I leave my email or contact number?"
    To subscribe to our mailing list please click here.
  • What is the cost, and can I pay in instalments?"
    The cost of 6 sessions is $299. however keep an eye out for our early bird specials. We are now offering instore AfterPay for our Group Therapy Sessions.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept credit card, EFTPOS, MediBank Private health fund, NDIS Funding and Afterpay.
  • When will I need to pay?
    We appreciate if you can pay at least a day before the sessions starts. Should you want to pay in installments ( Afterpay), we can help you set it up on the day of your sessions. Please come in 15 mins earlier so we can organise this for you.
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