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Supporting Employees During Covid-19

I have been speaking to a few business owners and they have shared a few concerns they have in terms of issues they have in their businesses and also how they keep their calm so they can lead their teams on how they can survive and thrive in this pandemic. We thought that, as leaders in businesses and organisations, it is important to make sure our mental well being is looked after and also it is also important to look after your employees as well. As a team, everyone has to be unified and well as you tackle all these challenges.

The world is seeing rising public anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic. As business owners, your daily operations may have already become more challenging as you follow measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Your employees may not only be worrying about their own health and their families’ welfare but may also be experiencing increased levels of tension and uncertainty especially with reports about businesses slowing down and employers choosing to operate with a smaller workforce or shutting down indefinitely.

While many businesses are able to maintain operations by offering flexible work arrangements, some industries may not have those options especially for jobs that require physical labor or face-to-face contact. Whichever is the case, employers need to keep employees updated of the company’s plans, and keep them feeling supported through these uncertain times. Before Covid-19, some employees already deal with assorted mental health conditions and the added psychological pressure of a pandemic may affect even more employees.

As employers need to safeguard their business, it is also important that employees’ psychological health are shielded from the impact of this pandemic. Employees need to know that support is available to them. Professional counselling services through an EAP program can help business owners like you assist their employees especially during a crisis period like this.

Kairos Assist is an EAP program for small businesses that provides accessible (face-to-face or online), confidential and professional counselling services to employees and their immediate family members to help them deal with personal or work-related psychological issues like depression and anxiety, and how to cope with major life disruptions like this pandemic.

For employers who maintain operations with a lean workforce, counselling services may help retained employees deal with feelings of guilt, isolation and loneliness while their colleagues are left without work. For employees that are stood down indefinitely, counselling services may help them cope and feel the company’s support while they wait to be called back to work.

We’re here to help business owners give employees the tools they need to manage their stress and help them ease through Covid-19, to help increase employee morale and commitment, and retain employees especially when business operations and everyday life return to normal. We also understand the business impact this pandemic has caused hence to help our small businesses, we have came up with affordable and flexible packages to suit your needs.

Contact us at or 1300 351 610 to know more. We are all in this together.

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