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Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision: 

We envision a society of people who are self-reliant and resilient against the myriad of emotional and psychological issues, and where healthy relationships and a high quality of life are the norm. 


It is our mission to: 

  • advocate for mental health through early intervention, education and counselling; 

  • reach every person who feels off track, work with them in going back to the right path in life, and inspire them towards independence in reaching their full potential;    

  • be more accessible to clients whenever and wherever they need help by optimising available modern technology

  • develop strong individuals, families and communities by recognising and addressing psychological and emotional issues at the individual and group levels;

  • provide excellent and safe service at a sensible cost   


Our Values:

  • Dedication and Patience 

  • Professionalism, Ethics and Qualification

  • Respect, Confidentiality, Empathy, and Compassion 

  • Family, Friendships, Community, and Work-Life Balance.

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