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The Grateful Journal is designed to help you understand the importance of gratitude, encourage you to find happiness in little blessings and make it a habit.  Keeping a regular record of things that you are grateful for will help you develop a habit of gratitude which can start a positive ripple effect on all aspects of your life - your relationships, physical health, mindset and view of life. 

Gratitude is a state of the mind, a matter of perspective. When you focus on what you have and on the beautiful things in your life, your outlook shifts into something more positive. When gratefulness becomes a constant part of our lives, we ATTRACT JOY. That's the secret of people who are joyful, able to embrace life fully, and face life's obstacles with acceptance and determination to change what they can and work with what they have. This is why it is important to develop a habit of gratitude, no matter our age or circumstance.

The world is rising up from the effects of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, it's become more important to fight off negativity with a regular dose of gratitude. Start your journey to gratitude journaling and look forward to the new year with brand new vigor!

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Grateful Journal

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